Past Artists  (some highlights)

Jim Keays – 1989 – Demos
Richard Frankland – 1997 – Recorded and Mixed “3 Waterholes Road” album.
The Living End – 1999 to 2005 – Pre-production and B sides for 2 albums.
Dave Graney – 2002 – Recorded and Mixed “Don’t mess with the blood” for “Heroic Blues” album.
The Sandpebbles – 2004 –  Recorded 5 songs for internationally acclaimed “Ghost Transmissions” album.
The Roys – 2005/2006 – Recorded and Mixed “Car” ep and “Holus Bolus” album.
Pollyanna – 1998 to 2004 – Preproduction and B sides
Four Hours Sleep – 2006 – “Love Specifics” album (recorded and mixed various tracks incl. those featuring Paul Kelly, Stephen Cummings and Angie Hart)
Matt Handley – 2005 – Recorded and Mixed 5 songs for “Won’t get over you” album.
Frente – 2006- Overdubbed and Mixed “Tour Ep” which received airplay in the US.
Klinger – 1997 to 2002 – Produced, Recorded and Mixed Singles and Eps resulting in much airplay and Hottest 100 listings.
Dan Sultan – 2007 – Co-Produced, Recorded and Mixed “Homemade Biscuits” album and the song “This land is Mine” for Kev Carmody/Paul Kelly compilation project.
The Vasco Era – 2005 – 2012  Co-Produced, Recorded and Mixed “Miles” ep, pre-production for first two albums and produce and record 2012 single “Rock n’ Roll is the only thing that Makes Me Feel Good”.
The Frowning Clouds – 2009 – Produced, Recorded and Mixed “Diamonds and Clubs” ep.
Kim Dellavedova – 2009 – Mixed “City Keepers” album.
The Mercy Kills – 2008 to 2010 – Recorded and Mixed 2 eps.
Doubleblack – 2010 –  Recorded and Mixed debut ep.
Little Red – 2010 – Pre-Production for “Midnight Remember” album. (Some of these demos were added to the US and Japanese album releases)
Dig Cave Dig – 2011 – Various –  Produced, Recorded and Mixed. An album of Nick Cave covers done by a variety of popular Australian artists.
Passport – 2011 – Produced, Recorded and Mixed self titled debut ep.

Recent Projects 

I Know the Chief – Recorded and Mixed “Miami” single. 2015
Sweethearts – Mixed  Live album from World Tour. Co-Produced, Recorded and Mixed original ep. 2015.
The Pretty Littles – Produced, Recorded and Mixed “Gospel” ep. 2015
Brother James – Produced, Recorded and Mixed  “Confetti Cuts” album.2015
Crossfire Hurricane – Produced, Recorded and Mixed  “Soda Pop” single, 2016.
The Tom Prettys  – Produced, Recorded and Mixed  Shelf Life/Slipping dbl “A” side 2016



National                                                                    International

Dan Sultan                                                                Devon Allman
The Vasco Era                                                          Chris Robinson Brotherhood
Little Red                                                                   Mickey  Avalon
Four Hours Sleep                                                      The Grand Mothers of Invention
Dash and Will                                                            Donavon Frankenreiter
Taste                                                                          Craig Robinson & Nasty Delicious
The Grates                                                                The Magic Band
Dave Hole                                                                 Sage Francis
Tigertown                                                                   St Paul and the Broken Bones
The Fumes                                                                 Unwritten Law
Big Scary                                                                    Allen Stone
The John Steel Singers
The Clouds
Bootleg Rascal
Krista Polvere
She’s The Driver
Pierce Brothers
The Pretty Littles
Vera Blue